LED Light Therapy

Illuminate your wellness journey with red, green, or blue light therapies.

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LED Light Therapy

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LED Light Therapy

Radiate Health + Vitality

LED Light therapy uses various red, green, blue, and full spectrum near infrared light to activate natural biological processes. It has been shown to promote deep muscle recovery, stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve overall skin appearance. The various wavelengths are available to restore, calm, or cleanse.

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LED Light Therapy Specific Questions

What are the benefits of using LED Light Therapy?

The various light treatments options offer a range of benefits including reduced inflammation, reduced fine lines + age spots, improved skin texture, stimulation of collagen, increased blood flow + oxygenation, and improved mental clarity.

How does LED Light Therapy work?

Photo biomodulation or light therapy uses red, green, blue, or full spectrum near infrared light to activate natural biological processes. It is a non-invasive process that promotes a variety of health benefits.

What are the differences between the various LED light therapies offered?

Three different light therapies within our LED Light Bed are offered.

  • Red light wavelengths offer benefits such as deep muscle recovery and stimulation of collagen production.
  • Green light wavelengths offer improved skin texture and reduction of hyperpigmentation.
  • Blue light wavelengths offer cleansing properties to remove bacteria caused blemishes, improve overall appearance of skin, and promote attention and focus.
How long does LED Light Therapy last?

Single sessions are 10 minutes and double sessions are 20 minutes. During double sessions it is recommended to use two different light therapies for the greatest results. For optimal health benefits LED light therapy should be done every other day.

What should I wear?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and bring a bathing suit or clean undergarments. LED Light glasses are provided.

How is LED Light Therapy administered?

LED Light Therapy is administered in a state of the art LED Light Bed, similar to a tanning bed, which includes a fan for cooling during sessions.

What amenities are provided within the LED Light Room?

The LED Light Room is equipped with towels, q-tips + cotton swabs + make-up remover, and LED Light glasses.


Where do I park?

Parking is located at the rear of the building off the alley. There are 2 spaces directly behind the building and an additional 6 in the parking lot across the alley.  All spaces are marked with PURE.

How long before my appointment should I arrive?

Arrival 5 minutes prior to your appointment time is recommended.

What amenities are provided within the facility?

The facility includes a filtered water dispenser with cups, and refreshments + snacks + swag for purchase.

Can I perform any of these services if I am pregnant or have a medical condition?

We do not recommend any of our services if you are pregnant or have a medical condition. Always consult a physician prior to starting a new treatment.